Sherlock Photography is a small business focused on taking pictures, telling stories and of course selling prints. I began Sherlock Photography in 2010 as an outgrowth of my three passions; history, travel and photography. As a goal, we hope to showcase all the locations we have visited and bring them to you with our photos, stories and commentary. The world has so much to offer, but we tend to forget that you do not have to go far to experience beauty. Through this website we hope to show you the beauty that is all around, both in places you may or may not expect it. Also we want to promote tourism both abroad and in your own backyard. Let us introduce (or re-introduce) you to these places and peruse this website as you would a travel guide, whatever your interest. We feel that if we are successful in meeting our goal and stimulating your senses and curiousity, print sales will follow.


My name is Rod Sherlock. I have lived in Michigan my entire life of 33 years and counting. I have always had a love for the things we see everyday and (perhaps more importantly to my mission) a curiosity of what defines a place. How many times have you driven by something but never stopped to learn its story? As soon as I got my driver's license I began to hit the road with a map, going to the closest place I had never been. Over ten years later, I find myself still doing the same thing; however I have been tackling it a different way. With a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I have learned to look at people, places and things from the perspective of a historian as well as an artist. I delight in finding the stories of the places I visit, and they give me insight into the significance of the place as well as fuel for my love of photography. Despite having more resources than I had in my teenage days, I still find myself keeping to my goal of next closest places. I cannot simply drive down an Interstate 'skipping' towns. I am too curious for that. I hope you like what you find on this website, whatever your interest, and check back often as we expand and cover more places. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts, ideas and opinions as well, I am always interested in the viewpoints, suggestions and critique of others.